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Bubble Life Insurance
Bubble Life Insurance

See why Home and
Life Insurance belong together

Bubble makes it just as easy to protect your life as it does to protect your home

Bubble Home Insurance
Bubble Life InsuranceHome Insurance
  • Bubble Home Insurance
    Personalized coverage

    Build your policy, your way

  • Bubble Home Insurance
    Deductible options and discounts

    More convenient than you think

  • Bubble Home Insurance
    Instant issuance

    Simpler process, quick policies

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Bubble Life Insurance
Bubble Life InsuranceLife Insurance
  • Bubble Life Insurance
    No medicals, real-time approvals

    Uncomplicated, peace of mind

  • Bubble Life Insurance
    Premium may cost less than your week's coffee

    More affordable than you think

  • Bubble Life Insurance
    Coverage that grows with you

    As modular as your kitchen

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Bubble Life InsuranceBubble Life InsuranceBubble Life InsuranceBubble Life InsuranceBubble Life InsuranceBubble Life InsuranceBubble Life InsuranceBubble Life Insurance
Bubble Life InsuranceBubble Life InsuranceBubble Life InsuranceBubble Life Insurance
Still unsure about insurance? Don't beSee why we recommend buying Life Insurance along with Homeowners Insurance
It gets significantly more expensive with age
It's simpler and more affordable than you think
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Frequently Asked Questions

You need home insurance to protect your home and your personal belongings. Life insurance does the same for your family when you are not around anymore. Buying them together means being prepared for any contingency.
Sure, you can buy either one. But we strongly advise you to bundle them together for well-rounded protection for your loved ones.
At present you can only buy term policies at Bubble. We help you find the right term policy that you’re comfortable with and one that fits your budget. In future, we shall be offering many more products.
Our smart guidance platform takes into account your other financial responsibilities, your family circumstances and other factors to help you find the most appropriate coverage and term for your policy. The payout can help your family with mortgage payments, or children's college tuition, and they can be financially secure even when you are not there anymore. Plan your expenses right and you will be glad to have bought a policy.
No. In fact, Bubble partner carriers provide accelerated, fluidless, no-exam underwriting for close to half the applicants in the 25-45 age group.
Home insurance helps pay for lost or stolen personal belongings and for repairs or rebuilding your home in case of any damage caused by perils like theft, fire, flood, and so on. It may also cover hotel stay if your home is too damaged to live in.
Legally, it is possible to own a home without home insurance, but your mortgage provider may require that you buy it to protect their financial interests.
It used to be a complicated process years ago. Buying has now become simple, fast and easy with the help of technology and user journeys designed by companies, such as Bubble.

Latest from our blog

Women have the purchasing power now
Life Insurance
12 Min Read
Women have the purchasing power now

The number of single women who’re buying homes in America compared to their male counterparts is growing at a remarkable rate. A new report by LendingTree has found that in 50 of the largest metropolitan areas of the United States, single women own more homes than single men do. And the average age of women buying homes for the first time is 33. Young, independent, and financially educated women are taking the real estate world by storm!

![Women have the purchasing power now.png](/uploads/Women_have_the_purchasing_power_now_a4908ecf98.png) Given how women’s space in the professional world, as well as home, has grown multifold (there’s still a long way to go though), a growing, and in some cases, a major part of big decisions like home buying, investments, and insurance are being made by women today. When couples browse for their new home, it’s often the woman who eventually decides whether or not they’re buying that house.

Regardless of where they are personally, women have become important decision-makers with trillions in spending power today. Single women, especially those with children, are the second-largest set of homebuyers after married couples. Today’s women have more independence – financially and socially. And that has made them realize the importance of making the right choices that will never render them dependent on anyone else.

According to LendingTree's study , in America's top metropolitan areas, single women own 22% of homes while single men own 13%. It’s a new kind of gender gap we’re seeing here. Breaking the norm of married couples buying homes to build their family, single women are slowly changing the rules for themselves today.

As women take the lead in reshaping and restructuring our society, they are still the ones to think about their dependents. Whether it’s buying a home for themselves or their family, or buying insurance, women have carefully considered what’s best for the future of their families. Despite the persisting wage gap, women have still found ways to empower themselves financially and with them buying homes now more than ever, we’re going to see a big shift in financial power.

Reasons for this gap between men and women with homeownership aren't completely clear yet. But it’s safe to say that women prioritize buying a home from a young age. If you’re a woman reading this, you should know that buying a home is always going to be a big objective and we have a few tips for you to keep in mind while you achieve this goal.


The first step to making a big purchase or an investment is to find out as much information as you possibly can to know what you’re about to get into. From mortgage to insurance, make it your priority to know everything. Information is the best tool you can have.


Sit back and think about your ideal day in your home. You may be living in the busiest part of town right now but is that where you want to buy a house? Or do you want to move to the suburbs? What are the benefits of buying a house in either of these locations? Do you want pets? There’s a lot to factor in.


Your budget can help you zero in on the location and size of your home. Look at your finances and get help understanding them to set the right budget. Learn about what you can and can’t fit in your budget to lessen the pressure.

We hope this helps you move in the right direction towards buying a home for yourself. It’s a big move but it will be the best move for you.

Why Life Insurance should be a priority for single parents
12 Min Read
Why Life Insurance should be a priority for single parents

As if life isn’t hard enough already, it’s even harder for single parents. The seemingly simple idea of managing home and work is a whole different story when it comes to single parents. It can be a stressful, lonely effort – home expenses, bills, kids’ tuition, clothing, mortgage, the list goes on. It’s tough, but you make it work. You make it work for yourself and for your children. Now imagine this well-oiled parental love machine coming to an abrupt halt if you’re not in the picture. You wouldn’t want your kids to be left to fend for themselves – or, entirely at the mercy and kindness of others. Getting a life insurance policy is an ideal safeguard and backstop in a scenario where, if the unthinkable happens, your kids will be okay. You would have taken care of their financial future with the right coverage at the right time. **Can you afford Life Insurance?** It’s a misconception that life insurance is expensive. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Depending on your financial needs, age and overall health condition life insurance may cost you as little as a week’s worth of coffee. For instance, if you want a $100,000 coverage, your premium could be starting off at $29. Isn’t that something you could put on your grocery list? ![6b54a6_00089797dd8444c191aa82c6764df620_mv2 (1).jpeg](
Approach 2: Approache 2
**How much coverage do you need?** Now that we’ve established how life insurance can be affordable, let’s look at your finances a little closer. - Mortgage - Medical bills - Kids’ future college tuition - Other debt Consider all the above factors before picking a policy. Ensure your coverage amount covers all these future expenses and more. Don’t buy life insurance because you hear people say how important it is. Buy it because you understand why it’s important. When you know how much coverage you need and why you need it, life insurance becomes a lifesaver for your loved ones. Bubble’s automated guidance platform can help sort out all the intricacies for you. You might say you have “enough” saved up for your children’s future needs. But do you? - Would it be enough to cover your child’s college education? - Would it be enough to pay off your mortgage and any other debt you leave behind? If you can’t answer any of these questions, you might want to consider buying life insurance with coverage that can help keep your children financially looked after when you're no more. Yes, nobody and nothing can replace a parent’s love, care, and protection. You are your kids’ safety net now; but if you’re no more, life insurance can at least partially serve as one...

You don't* need a medical test for Life Insurance
Home Insurance
12 Min Read
You don't* need a medical test for Life Insurance

The most important factors that determine the cost and kind of life insurance policy you can get are age and health. You are most likely to be in good health in your younger days – 35 and under, let’s say. That’s why the younger you are, the more affordable your life insurance can be. With a good health record and age on your side, you can very well lock in a low premium for the rest of your life. At the same time, if you are young and healthy, life insurance companies do not need to carry out intrusive, messy tests to determine if you are healthy enough to qualify for a policy. Just a few questions usually suffice. Not many people, especially young people, are aware of this fact. Buying insurance has always had the bad rep of being a long, worn out, and expensive process with too many people to talk to and too many hoops to jump through - and yes, a medical test at the end of it all.

Being in the digital age has proven to be a blessing. Insurance buying has become a less complicated and more affordable process. At Bubble, that’s exactly what we’re doing to help every single one of you get the right Life Insurance policy - at the right age, at the right time.

![Probability to no health test.png](/uploads/Probability_to_no_health_test_b37a6a01e8.png)

The above graph shoots it straight – life insurance gets more expensive and difficult to buy with age. The younger you are, the cheaper it is. And the probability of needing a medical test done is negligible. With an enjoyable user experience, ease of purchase, and no medical test there isn’t really a reason or excuse why you shouldn’t buy life insurance before you’re 30. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself and your loved ones when you’re young and healthy.

By [eliminating medical tests](, life insurance becomes more affordable, convenient, and quickly issued to you.

When you’re 30 or under, you are more likely to be in good health than say when you’re 33 even. And your premium might easily jump from $10 to $30. Of course, there are other factors like whether you’re a smoker or not and other such. This is why getting something like life insurance out of the way as early as you possibly can is the best advice you can get.

If you want a reminder of why you need life insurance, here it is. Your family’s financial future.

Life is short. Don’t let important life decisions fall short too.